Wombatised Inc.

Who are we?

Wombatised is a volunteer wildlife rescue and rehabilitation group based in the Southern Highlands NSW, with certain members licensed under Wildlife Rescue South Coast. We rescue and rehabilitate sick, orphaned, and injured wildlife, and have a strong focus on education, conservation, and community inclusion.

Our Mission Statement

  • To continue raising healthy wombat orphans, guiding them to appropriate release sites to ensure their prosperous future.

  • To improve hospital facilities and medical provisions for native animals.

  • To maintain treatment in the field of diseases such as mange and other parasitic afflictions introduced by early settlers.

  • To provide financial support for veterinarians, willing to explore the often untravelled path of wombat health.

  • To cultivate effective means to relocate wombats, saving them from all too common atrocities such as road accidents, being buried alive at development sites, being shot and poisoned etc.

  • To educate people on the very real need to help our wildlife.

Every Wombat Needs a Mum featuring Alexandra Seddon
Wombats Matterfeaturing Dr Howard Ralph

*All animals pictured here were under the care of a licensed and experienced carer. The animals where not in any danger or exposed to activities outside of their natural behaviours.

How can you help?

We would welcome any donations to Wombatised Inc. However, we are still awaiting for our tax deductibility status. Our bank account details are:

BSB 802 101

Account No. 100075892

Account Name: Wombatised

Reference: Please use your full name

Please advise us of your donation by sending this form

The Secretary, Wombatised Inc.

by emailing wombatisedinc@gmail.com or adriennebradneysmith@gmail.com . We will then send your receipt / membership e-certificate.